Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mama cards!

I'm a huge fan of Mabel's Labels. I was first introduced to them before my oldest son started kingergarten this year, and I quickly purchased the school combo pack. Once my package arrived in the mail, I labelled my son's clothes, and used the tag mates for his backpack and lunch box. They were so cute, I had to get some for my youngest son, too, to put on his sippy cups and clothes, even though he wasn't in school yet.

Aside from seeing the cute Mabels Label's ads in countless numbers of magazines, I got to know the ladies behind Mabels Label's through Twitter this year. Let me just say, Julie and Caitlin are amazing women - it's no wonder they have such an amazing and useful company! (You can follow Mabels Label's on Twitter: @mabelhood)

Just last week, I heard that Mabel's Labels had come out with 'mama cards' - basically, business cards for moms that are much cuter than the average business card - with room on the back to write personal messages, too.

I sent out a tweet saying how cute I thought the Posey design was (pictured above; you can choose from 5 different styles) and the next thing I knew, the lovely ladies at Mabels had sent me 100 beautiful personalized mama cards! How nice was that? Very.

I can't wait to use my new cards at BlogHer to pass around to everyone, and I also can't wait to pass around these cards to the people I meet at the playground and at my son's school. Talk about cute and practical! If you need new cards, Mabels Label's is the place to order them from!

Thank you, Mabels Label's!

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