Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day Made Sweet

There really and truly isn't anything I need for Mother's Day. I mean, sure, a new designer purse would be nice, but I'll settle for a day at home with my children. After all, they're the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day, and I don't get how on a day where you're being honored for being a mom, you'd want to spend it away from your children!

Sure, I'd accept a gift certificate to the spa, but I'll wait a few days to go for my massage. On Mother's Day, I just want to be home with my boys. And you know, maybe, just maybe, being served breakfast in bed? Just an idea I'm putting out there... ahem. Mother's Day breakfast would be grand!

I love eggs, and bacon and toast... and a fresh coffee would be nice. I'd love to actually drink my coffee warm, too... that's not too much to ask for, is it?

You know what else I am totally craving? Baked caramel pecan french toast. Oh, my goodness... just saying that makes me hungry!

No matter how you spend your Mother's Day, I hope it's as sweet as the picture above!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter traditions

Every holiday becomes more special and meaningful once children are in the picture. Before having children, I loved Christmas and Easter, but since becoming a mom? These special holidays take on a whole new meaning.

Being Greek Orthodox means we celebrate Easter (most years) a week or two after Catholic Easter. The bonus to this? I get to stock up on all the chocolates after they're on sale!

The tradition for my family is attending church on Good Friday, and again on Easter Sunday morning. But first things first! When the children wake up, they are given a basket and off they go, on an Easter egg hunt. Yes, breakfast on Easter morning usually consists of just chocolate, but that's okay, because the rest of the day is spent eating. And eating. And eating. We celebarte with all our family, and we enjoy a lamb on the spit, along with so many other delicious food. It's a day of feasting, drinking, eating, dancing, and celebrating. Of course, we also crack red eggs, and eat tsoureki, special Greek sweet bread.

Besides the Easter baskets of goodies the children get to enjoy, other traditions are when the Godparents buy their Godchild new shoes or clothes for Easter, and a decorated candle to bring to church.

This year, I also got the children something extra for Easter - a new light saber for my six year old, and the Fisher-Price batcave for my four year old. He's completely fascinated with Batman, and this is all thanks to the amazing Batman Fisher-Price toys we received because I'm part of Fisher-Price Moms.
Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Easter treats in time for Greek Easter!

Tomorrow is finally my Easter! Yes, last week I was able to celebrate a long weekend with my family, while stocking up on Easter chocolate - on sale - and tomorrow? My boys get to finally take part in their Easter egg hunt, followed by a big Greek feast. Easter is the holiday Greek people celebrate the most, almost even more than Christmas. We are always at my inlaw's home, or at my parents home, for Easter, enjoying the lamb on the spit, along with a dozen or so side dishes and appetizers, so I don't have to sweat it in the kitchen, which makes me ridiculously happy.
However, I don't mind making yummy Easter treats for everyone enjoy. I've perfected the carrot cake, and even decorating can be fun, as long as I keep it simple. That's why I love the Easter sweets page with Life Made Delicious. So many adorable ideas, and easy to make! I need easy!

Like these little cookies. They're almost too cute eat, you know? But you know they're going to taste so good, too...

I think these would be perfect cookies to bring to a relative's house during the Easter festivities - they'll be a hit with the adults and children alike! Also? I can get my children involved in making these, too! Baking with kids can be fun, and easy, if you pick something simple to make with them!

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Decorating a child's room with style and ease

One of the things I looked forward to the most when I got pregnant was getting to design the perfect nursery for my children.

Decorating the nursery was a blast, from start to finish, and I had a very hands-on husband who did all the hard work, from installing the hardwood floors, to adding new baseboards, chair rail, and crown moulding, as well as painting the room.

 Of course,  I spent hours online looking for the perfert furniture for their room. From cribs, to change tables and bookcases, selecting the perfect items was not as easy as I thought it was going to be! And of course, I would get distracted online, and start looking at furntire for other rooms in the house, making the decision to narrow down what I wanted for my children even harder.

Although it was a bit challenging to find just what I was looking for, decorating kids' rooms is a blast, and I had so much fun with both my children's rooms, I couldn't wait for them to outgrow their baby furniture so I could start getting their new 'big boy' furniture. And now that my sister is a mom of two little ones, I had a say in decorating her children's rooms, too, and gave her some great advice on where to look online to make her decision easier, as well.

The most important items in a child's room, I think, are their night tables and book cases. My boys basically have a library each in their rooms! Also important? Making sure you've place the furntire in the rooms in the best possible way, making the best use of the space you have to work with. You may have to move some pieces around until you find the perfect fit for your new furniture, but eventually, the room will just perfectly come together - just like that! And all  your hard work will have paid off, and your children can finally enjoy their new, beautiful, well-furnished bedroom.

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