Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter treats in time for Greek Easter!

Tomorrow is finally my Easter! Yes, last week I was able to celebrate a long weekend with my family, while stocking up on Easter chocolate - on sale - and tomorrow? My boys get to finally take part in their Easter egg hunt, followed by a big Greek feast. Easter is the holiday Greek people celebrate the most, almost even more than Christmas. We are always at my inlaw's home, or at my parents home, for Easter, enjoying the lamb on the spit, along with a dozen or so side dishes and appetizers, so I don't have to sweat it in the kitchen, which makes me ridiculously happy.
However, I don't mind making yummy Easter treats for everyone enjoy. I've perfected the carrot cake, and even decorating can be fun, as long as I keep it simple. That's why I love the Easter sweets page with Life Made Delicious. So many adorable ideas, and easy to make! I need easy!

Like these little cookies. They're almost too cute eat, you know? But you know they're going to taste so good, too...

I think these would be perfect cookies to bring to a relative's house during the Easter festivities - they'll be a hit with the adults and children alike! Also? I can get my children involved in making these, too! Baking with kids can be fun, and easy, if you pick something simple to make with them!

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