Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cow and the Moon stationary giveaway!

You may not know this about me (or, maybe you do, since I tend to say a lot online!) but I LOVE stationary. I love paper and I love cards. I love receiving cards in the mail, and I especially love mailing out cards to people on their birthdays and for Christmas.

My friend Kelly has an awesome company called Cow and the Moon, and she makes super cute cards that I just cannot get enough of, including some very original invitation and birthday cards.

Seriously, look:

So cute, right? Kelly was so nice, she gave me an assortment of cards for myself, including the bird on a tree cards, the awesome cards, and the bubble thank you cards. My personal favourites are the itty bitties cards - the birch tree, the awesome itty bitties and my absolute favourite - the lovin' itty bitties.

Guess how awesome Kelly is? She's generously giving away an entire set to one of my lucky readers, too! (Thank you!)

And now all you have to do to win the set? Leave me a comment below! Do you love stationary as much as I do?

I'll randomly pick a winner on October 18th. Contest is open to US and Canadian residents!

Good Luck!


  1. I love stationery too. For me, there's nothing better than opening my mailbox to find a sweet, personal note from a friend. And I love the feeling of surprising people with little notes in their mailboxes too. I'd love to win this!!! Thanks Loukia!!!

  2. Yes - I love stationery. And I love anything with a nice graphic print. These look very cool.

  3. I totally love stationary! I'd much rather give a cool and unique card to someone than buy a overpriced Hallmark card at the store. These look great!

  4. It's funny that we can be online peeps for so much of our lives but still appreciate the paper, details and time involved in cards like these. I can manage it, though ;+)

  5. Beautiful! I do love stationery. I feel guilty for not using it more - I have succumbed to the electronic age far too much. I used to write one letter every week. Time to break out the pen!

  6. Gorgeous pieces! I love stationary as well. I especially love going to the Papery and going through all the cards and cardstock.

  7. I am a huge fan of stationery! There's nothing that can boost your mood than seeing a personal piece of mail in your box (boo to bills!). I am the only one in my tight group of friends who uses snail mail and the others all appreciate it :)