Thursday, June 9, 2011

You've Got Mail! (Part Two!)

The first thing I check every morning when I wake up is Twitter. After that, the first thing I do is check my email!

I love receiving emails from friends, or good news emails from work or blogging related projects. I love it when emails put a smile on the face, and at least a few times a day, they do. Emails from best friends, emails from long-lost friends, and emails from loved ones are all so special to receive.

My favourite emails are the once I get from my mom when she babysits my children while I am at work. They're my most favourite, and will be saved forever:

Dimitry drank all his milk, and fell asleep at 1. Christos rested for 1/2 hour, drank his milk, went on the computer, had some apple and apple juice and just went to Home Depot with dad. The kids are great. We'll eat fish and mashed potatoes tonight.
See you soon!!!!!


Christos was painting and we're both covered in paint now. Dimitry fell asleep at 2:15 in his crib - I just left him there and only went in a couple of times and he fell asleep! He had fun at playgroup. Christos had a great day and is eating McDonald's now.
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christos was outside shovelling for over 1/2 hour, jumping around in the snow. He had hot chocolate and macaroni and kima. He's great. Don't call for a while, Dimitry is sleeping.
See you soon!!!


Just back from Greek playgroup. Baby kept going up and down... his nose is stuffy, I think he is getting a new cold.
Christos had to poo at school but it was quick.
I am exhausted....
See you soon!


Put the humidifer on for Christos.
Get the address for Florida.
Thank S. for gift for Dimitry.
Look for new housekeeper for your house - this is important!
See you soon!!!!!!


The boys are a handful! Especially Dimitry... he wears everyone out! Christos is riding his bicycle inside. Dimitry sleeping since 1:15. It is now 2:00. See you soon.

Dimitry hit one cheek on the wall at playgroup and so one cheek is red. He had a blast at my moms house for almost 2 hours, running, playing, eating.
Christos is great, but this morning, after you left for work, he got upset because Dimitry took his gems and crystals and threw one on the floor, then Dimitry hit Christos and Christos hit him back and then Christos took off his pants and underwear and I finally got them dressed again but Christos was late for school. It was tough....
See you soon!!!!


Emails about my children—and especially emails about my children that make me laugh hard at work—are always emails I look forward to receiving!

(This is part two in a Yahoo! Mail sponsored post about staying connected. The first email blog post can be found here.)

Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

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