Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowman Cake!

I am not the best in the kitchen, this is a well-known fact. In fact, even baking sugar cookies can be quite the disaster, and that's not even when my children are helping me bake! I am, however, not as sucky when it comes to baking cake. My specialty? Carrot cake, with cream cheese icing. It's SO good and it's my go-to cake.

Over the holidays I wanted to impress my children and found this amazing cake that I knew my boys would simply adore—isn't this snowman cake the cutest thing you've ever seen? And you just know it's going to be super good to eat, too! I love the cake and I love coconut, and I think it looks so festive! The perfect dessert to bring to someone's house for a holiday party or gathering. A great way to impress your family members with your baking skills, too!

The best part? It's simply and easy to make! Yup, no sweating in the kitchen... even though it may look hard, it's really not. And for me to say that? Well, just take my word for it. Now I have another cake to add to my "things I can make that I don't suck at" list!

Now, if only it was Christmas ever day... then I'd have the perfect excuse to make this cake more than a couple of times a year!

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