Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fisher-Price Moms: Keeping busy in the winter!

My children love summer and spending time outside. Usually, we're either at the park, or in the pool during the hot days of summer. I find it a bit more challenging to find fun and creative things for my boys to do when we're in the middle of winter. Luckily, my boys don't dislike winter as much as I do, and they love playing outside. (I'm usually waving at them from the window, staying warm inside!)

We just got back from our annual vacation to south Florida, where we spend a week a gorgeous resort, where there was so much to do for the children. However, our vacation is only one week long, so I have to think of other ways to keep my boys busy in the winter! Here are some of the things we do to stay busy:

Crafts - I have a few boxes of crafts that I take out on weekends and set up the kitchen into a craft zone. I let them get messy, and have fun! I love displaying their art work in the play room in the basement, too.

Making a band - My boys (especially my four year old!) love music. We have a drum set in our house now, and we'll create our own band, and sing and dance the time away.

Movie nights - Some nights, my boys love to cuddle on the couch and eat popcorn while watching a movie. I'm a big fan of this, since it means I get extra cuddle time with my boys enjoying a yummy snack!

Building snowmen - My boys love going outside to build snowmen, and to just play freely in the backyard. When you're six and four years old, what's not to love about the snow, right?

Playing school - This is a fun game for the boys, as they take turns being the 'teacher' while learning! It's fun to see them interacting with one another this way, while at the same time learning something new, too.

Visiting museums - We are members at all the museums in Ottawa, and we love visiting different museums on the weekends. It's a great way to do something fun and educational while staying warm indoors!

For even more ideas on how to keep busy with your little ones, check out this awesome link on the Fisher-Price website that'll help you keep your kids busy - and warm - this winter!

Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Cuddle time is so special! :) I don't get much of it, as our 3 year old is anything but cuddly! :( When she is in the mood for hugs, I take advantage of that special time with her! LOL!