Thursday, February 23, 2012

Iron Kids: Keeping Your Kids Healthy, One Gummy At A Time!

Our mission at IronKids is to help your kids stay healthy and active. From Multi-vitamins to Omega 3's, our great tasting gummies are specially formulated to support the health, growth and development of your children. Start your kids on the path to lifelong health with Ironkids Gummies.

As a mom, I try hard to ensure my children are eating well. Of course, like most of you know, this can be a very difficult task at times. Getting my boys to eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day is not easy! That is why I think it's so important to include a daily vitamin in their life - one that they love and look forward to taking.

My boys also take the Omega-3 gummies, which are Canada’s #1 omega for kids.
They are specially formulated with pure source DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids that are needed for the optimum development of a child’s brain and nervous system and supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. IronKids Omega-3 gummies are made with only natural flavors and natural colors and they are Health Canada approved. Only pure source triple distilled fish oil is used to ensure that your child gets the purest product possible. All IronKids Gummies are made in a nut free facility, and are allergen and gluten free.

For the last couple of years, my boys have been in love with Iron Kids vitamins. I'm not kidding - these are the best children's vitamins around! I sometimes have to hide the bottle because my boys, if they had their way, would eat handfuls at a time! There really is no better tasting vitamin, and they also come in an adult version, as well - I like the taste of the adult vitamins, as well, even the B12 vitamins, but my favourite will always be the children's multi-vitamins. So tasty, better than any other we have tried!
Every time we're in at the Superstore grocery shopping, we always stock up, because we go through so many of them.

If there is one brand of vitamins I would recommend to everything I know, Iron-Kids are it - both for adults, and children alike!

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  1. my kids take these too. They love them and I also have to hide them. Even my 2yo loves them. I only wish they actually had a iron supplement in gummy form (since their name is ironkids and all ;) ).